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150 Years Improving Texas


Atkinson Engineers is a full-service Engineering and Surveying business located in the Houston area. We are large enough to effectively complete design projects but small enough to be responsive to our customers.

Our family has been in this business in Texas for 6 generations, spanning more than 150 years. During that time we have learned what it takes to make a project run smoothly and to keep our clients happy. We have many years of experience with Municipal projects, Residential Development, and Commercial and Industrial development.

We have seen that good engineering and surveying often makes the difference between a successful, and unsuccessful project.

Spend some time surfing around this website to learn, and see what we mean. You might start at the Historical Timeline, where you’ll find a beautiful pictorial gallery of graphics and photos, some dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. It’s a family history of building things, surveying, and making Texas into the great state it now is.

Neil working on the newly installed water wellAlso peruse the website menu to find the main AE services delineated: Municipal, Commercial, Residential, Surveying, and Drainage. As you can see, Atkinson Engineers has literally been shaping the land of Texas for over 150 years, benefitting thousands along the way.

rotator_11But part of “Improving Texas” has to do with also Giving Back, something that’s built into the very fiber of Atkinson Engineers. AE President Neil Atkinson supports Living Water International and other similar charities, not only financially but by going to various countries to lend a helping hand. Neil says “when I became president of Atkinson Engineers I had a vision for it to not only provide unmatched engineering service but also to use our expertise to further God’s kingdom and bless people’s lives.

“Perhaps that loving spirit improves Texas as much or more than all the surveys and blueprints combined, but suffice it to say I’m happy to have Atkinson Engineers in Texas improving our lives.”
Blaine Fallis , A Train Creative


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